About Us

Who We Are

We are a Kerala-based learning community, committed to student-centered education, individual excellence and healthy families.

What We Do

We offer Communicative English courses, computer training, and workshops to explore The Arts, Science, Student Success and Personal Development.

Who We Serve

We serve disenfranchised youth, low-income women and families in-healing. We provide residential facilities for low-income students from marginalized communities. We are training the next generation of global leaders.

Our Community

We are supported by our local community, as well as by a global circle of friends and mentors.

Our History

Since 2009, in collaboration with Jai Bhim International, we have offered an annual 6-day December Camp in Communicative English, Master Student Skills and Public Speaking, incorporating drama, dance, yoga, music and meditation.

In 2014 we launched our Leadership Academy to provide year-round trainings.

Our Philosophy

We are inspired by democratic principles and believe in the potential in everyone.

We are encouraging. We foster confidence. We are committed to kindness, empathy and joy.

We are all learners as well as teachers.

Our Program

First Year Accomplishments

In our first year:

  • We have offered two 100-Day Intensive English Programs.
  • We are maintaining a hostel for teenage boys who have dropped out of school.
  • We are offering our first 10-month Intensive English Program.
  • We have developed a special morning English course for local mothers and an evening English program for local fathers.
  • We have created a non-residential English program for local children.
  • We have led monthly arts events, cultural programs and educational workshops for children, youth and adults in the local community.
  • We have planted an organic garden as a Living Classroom, which students cultivate to cooperatively cook their own healthy meals.
  • We have collaborated with local social service providers on family counseling sessions. We offer a monthly Family Healing Meeting for the parents of our hostel students.
  • We have created an English Language Library.
  • We have launched the First Phase of our Technology Center, with local grassroots support.
  • We are creating a Global Faculty to develop a Music Program, a Citizen Science Training and Computer courses.
  • We are developing our own English language curriculum, with the guidance of our English Language Advisory Board.

Program Vision

In our second year we will provide scholarships for teenage boys to attend our 10-month residential Intensive English Training.

We will create and lead courses in our Technology Center in basic and advanced computer skills, vocational training and internet-based learning.

We will begin to host a variety of workshops and public programs, such as children’s and community Arts programs, family counseling, and monthly parent-support meetings.

In five years we will have an established:

  • Our unique Communicative English curriculum
  • A residential Intensive English course for teenage girls
  • Free English classes for local mothers to promote involvement in heir children’s education
  • An innovative student-led Technology Center
  • A vibrant Community Center, offering empowerment programs
  • Local Social Entrepreneurship initiatives
  • An annual colloquium in Progressive Education, bringing together innovators in small educational projects from other parts of India

In 10 years we will construct our own environmentally-sound building and Retreat Center.

Mission Statement

Lokuttara Leadership Academy

Learn! Lead! Collaborate!

Lokuttara Leadership Academy provides excellence among the next generation of global leaders in India through training in academic success, personal growth, self-expression, and healing within families.

We are a community of women and men collaborating as equals in learning and leading, with an attitude of mutual respect. We are all learners as well as teachers.

  1. We collaborate with youth on workshops in Communicative English, computer literacy, The Arts, Social Studies, and practical life skills, with an emphasis on fostering academic success and improving high school and college completion rates.
  2. We partner with families to develop healthy home environments conducive to healing and personal growth, and we support youth and their families in finding solutions to their own problems.
  3. We promote Social Entrepreneurship, encouraging innovation and fostering healthy communities.